Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the blog of Scott W. Perkins, novelist, artist and bibliophile. These virtual pages will help my far-flung friends and those interested in my writing career keep track of me. They will also give me something to do with the things that occur to me to write down, but don't fit into whatever book I am writing.

I will periodically empty the "Wish I'd Known That Yesterday" box on my desk for you, discuss interviewing and research techniques as well as other tricks of the trade. I hope that this helps someone out there who isn't blessed with such a full box of hardwon lessons to learn from. Please, have some of mine.

Before reading further, please read our "Terms of Use" found below.
The word "Novel" appears in the subtitle as a noun, not an adjective. I am a novelist. That is not to say the things I write here will not be new or even novel. Novelty is in the eye of the beholder.
Safety goggles or really nerdy glasses should be worn at all times. If you should get any novelty in your eye, flush with water and seek medical help immediately.
Nothing found herein should be construed as the entire view of the author or anyone else living, dead or existing in an indeterminate state caused by fluctuations in space and time.
Daily application of these blog posts to your writing habits or lifestyle may cause excessive coffee drinking, insomnia, Post-it notes on the bathroom mirror and the urge to type into the wee hours of the morning.
Read at your own risk.
Welcome and well met! I encourage my readers to comment thoughtfully as it occurs to you. At its best, a blog can be a conversation and a community. At its worst, a blog is someone shouting down a well.

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