Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Robot Uprising

Public Domain Photo by Daderot
Questions are beginning to pile up on the dock here are Scott's Question Emporium, but they're all coming from my gmail account! Why? Because Denny pointed out that Blogger has been having a problem with their word-verification system. Which is funny, because essentially the word-verification thing is a modified Turing test, which means you all fail. So if you were'nt able to comment, it's because Blogger thinks you're all robots.


Solution: I've disabled the word-verification so if you're willing to give it a second go, please do so at this time. Some great questions are coming in! I'm up to my ears in writing at the moment, so I'm about to run away again so I can get it all done before the wife comes to get me and takes me away!

(Ho ho, ha ha, hee hee...)
- Scottertron 5000

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