Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updates... to everything.

I spent the morning contending with one of the worst migraines of my long and storied career after spending the evening contending with Googlepages and updates to my website. Just a brief update while I sleep off the vestigial echoes of both headaches...
  • I have a website! Click here to learn more about me, my current and past writing projects, awards and especially my novel THE PALIMPSEST! The site includes a select bibliography to learn more about the subjects and people touched upon in the novel, plus the two institutions that figure most prominently in the story. More changes, updates and additional content including a photo essay of important sights featured in the novel are coming soon!
  • Facebook backed down! I bring this up because I wrote about it a couple of days ago. Consumerist (the Consumer Reports blog that broke the story) reports that Facebook has reverted to their previous Terms of Service, which respects the rights of the content creators and their intellectual property. Way to go Facebook.
My pages are written, now I must sleep. (And you thought the title of this blog was metaphorical). -Scott

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