Monday, March 23, 2009

Admiring the Crime Scenery

You know that show? That popular one where they solve murders in less than forty minutes using science?

No, no, the other one... not that one, the other one... yeah, that one!

Anyway, I no longer watch television, but I'm willing to bet that it hasn't changed much. Every couple episodes at least - they walk into an otherwise clean-looking room, shine a blacklight on the walls and show you that you can't clean up a crime-scene good enough to foil the coppers! Science prevails.

One wonders why these over-abundant and allegedly hyper-intelligent serial killers don't watch these shows or read one of the ten-thousand books out there on how to get away with it, and think to pack along an enzymatic protein-destroying spray cleaner and UV Flashlight on this premeditated murder spree through such random and unrelated cities as Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

Wellllllllll... Mass Murderers and Psycho-Killers fret no more! The folks over at Dirt Devil have taken the liberty of doing the thinking for you! The innocuously-named "Dirt Devil SE3890 Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor" (obviously named by their legal department) has the portability you need, with an on-board LED UV lighting array to show you where those pesky blood stains are hiding!

Sometimes, I wish my brain didn't immediately jump to these conclusions when looking at this sort of thing, but hey! Someone has to do it or you'd all be bored.

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