Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Humpday Randomness

Speak the Speech J. Michael Staczynski of Babylon 5 fame has called for a conspiracy of likeminded individuals to bring the very-Shakespearean word "Anon" back into common parlance. This is a word I use already (one of many old words peppered through my vocabulary, I fear) and I want to take this opportunity to join J. Michael in encouraging its further dissemination. Anon: adverb 1. Immediately (arch. Chaucer, OED), 2. An indeterminate time after: "I shall see thee anon." 3. Presently or Immediately 4. In the famed "Baclony Scene" of romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare displays the slang form of "Anon" prevalent in his time as a word of delay or putting-off, roughly equivalent to the modern child saying "Just a minute..." when their parent wants them to set aside their video game to take out the garbage. Coffee-Tracker Swedish furniture store chain Ikea, generally known for instant furniture with funny names, also offers an assortment of foods in their cafe. They have to, the stores are so big, you would need porters to carry your provisions if they didn't provide them. Anyway, beyond the standard meatballs and Lutefisk they also have on offer a passable cup of Joe (Cup of Sven?) which now includes a service on their website that allows you to literally trace your bag of Ikea coffee back to the grower! Which is just freaking cool. Also, Ikea now has "Rib Night" on Wednesday nights. Which is somewhat random but who can argue with barbecue? Anon, everyone!

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