Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm a Crastination Pro!

When I'm stuck for something to write about, sometimes I type random searches into Google just to see what crops up and order begins to emerge from the random patterns of the Internet... Chaos theory is very real for me or it might just be magic. Hard to say. 

ITEM #1 The Rum Cake Fairy Google Search: Rum Cake I have nothing funny to say about this other than to say that the person that wrote the business plan that got them the venture capital to back this enterprise must've been a freaking genius!

ITEM #2: Batman Arrested for wearing a mask! Google Search: Jester coffee supreme (Yeah, I didn't think I'd get anything either) It's a hard-knock life being a brooding super hero. For instance, did you know that it's illegal to wander around wearing a mask in public in Tampa Bay? This guy didn't either, which almost led to incarceration until Superman swooped in and... um... yeah, he got off on a technicality.

Sheesh! Next thing you know, they'll outlaw sending signals with a spotlight! Remember folks: When bat signals are outlawed, only outlaws will have bat signals...

ITEM #3: The art museum on the moon. Google Search: "Moon Museum" I actually knew about this and forgot about it until it cropped up in my wanderings.... You know how artists and bohemians move into an area and turn the warehouses into lofts and art galleries and eventually everyone wants to live there so the Yuppies move in and the artists go off to find new territory they've yet to conquer? Greenwich Village in New York, LODO in Denver, Belltown here in Seattle... the list is endless. Well I think they finally ran out of places because they're trying to do it on the moon.

I'm sure that any day now Starbucks will open a store on the Sea of Tranquility and the artists will be able to move on to making Mars the hip new spot in the solar system.

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