Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random thoughts on a (snowy) Wednesday

Grammar Check Dear Microsoft, The word "etcetera" means "and so forth" so please stop prompting me to insert an "and" in front of it. "And and so forth" is absurd. And redundant. And and redundant. And and and redundant. Get the picture? Thank you. That's No Moon, It's a Space Station! The US Government has perfected a SuperLaser capable of focusing a blast equivalent to that of a Hydrogen Bomb on a point roughly the size of a pencil eraser. The system works by combining several smaller beams into a focused point to replicate the effects of a nuclear explosion wihtout breaking the ABM test ban treaty. In other news: the space station we have been building to house the new laser array is encountering production difficulties and has experienced significant delays due to workforce issues, OSHA violations and the troubles with the indiginous tribes on the planet which houses our magnetic field generators. Emperor Palpatine's office reports that efforts have been redoubled ahead of the expected Rebel attack. Ok. That part's a joke. But the Super Laser is real. Honest. Artsy Fartsy If you've read "Support" you'll know that I am a potter, sculptor and dabbler in most visual arts as well as being a writer. In that spirit, I will periodically introduce to you some of the internet-accessible elements of design that tripped that tricky trigger hidden deep within the jungles of the right hemisphere of my noggin. All of that's a long buildup to telling you I think this re-think of the ubiquitous sports helmet from Canedo Studios is so cool that it defies words... The Gladiator --- Death Star II image from

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