Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show Me Literacy

My Home State is in the news. Last Wednesday, the Toys For Tots Literacy Foundation awarded Alferd Williams, 71 of Saint Joseph, Missouri the first-ever Alferd Williams Literacy Award. (Not to detract from the accomplishment or anything, but don't you think he was a shoe-in since it's named after him and all?) 

Alferd is one of those heartwarming tales people tend to think are the sole preserve of Hollywood: son of a sharecropper who finally got the chance to attend school at the age of 69. Finally a third-grader, Alferd is being recognized for putting himself through something that most of us either take for granted or wouldn't go through again if you paid us (or a mixture of both).

Literacy is something we hold too lightly in this country as it is, so I want to take any opportunity to give the focus on the people who are doing something about it. Toys For Tots, Edison Elementary School in St. Joe and their prizewinning pupil, Alferd Williams... way to go, one and all. That's seriously cool.

 Read more at the Toys For Tots foundation. A very worthy cause if you've a charitable thought cross your mind while you're there.

Map of Missouri photographed by Jeff Kopp and used under Creative Commons License

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