Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brokeback Bookseller...

Catching up on booknews I missed during my travels and you may have missed too...

Just when we though that the final chapter in the bizarro "Amazonfail" controversy had been written... Amazon needs to get their crap together. If they're making thier site "Family Safe" and categorizing items by impenetrable fiat, then at least have the integrity to own up to it. And if it really was a glitch, please explain the letters some authors received telling them their work had been moved into an unlisted "Adult" category and the criteria utilized to make that decision. Or they could just blame this guy. He seems eager to accept credit whether he did it or not.

Seriously, I think it was a glitch, but not the computer kind. The schizophrenic cultural kind that infects so many of these discussions between the far right hand and the far left one.

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