Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sojourn Continues...

Every day in April... Except Easter and barring funerals and travel to places without a reliable internet connection in my general vicinity (within 100 miles, let's say). A prief interstice to tell you I'm still alive and still in the more rural portions of Connecticut with my wife's family before the cafe shuts down and kicks me out (again).

On the bright side, I will probably still end the month with over thirty posts. Just not daily posts due to this past weekend. I'm happy to say that family still trumps the blogosphere.

It is a beautiful place, though, and I've now put my feet in all the waters touching the boundaries of the United States: Great Lakes, Puget Sound, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and now the Atlantic. (The Atlantic off Niantic is COLD!)

I've also added a new Favorite Place In the World to the my list: The Old Book Barn of Niantic, CT. A wierd agglomeration of sheds, barns and houses stuffed to the rafters with used and antique books of every imaginable description. Connected with meandering paths that wend their way through gardens and play structures of every stripe. Very funky and I found so many books I shall have to ship an extra package home lest I spend and extra $90 to get 'em on the plane.

I could spend weeks in there, just send in food and water periodically.

This weekend I learned: Don't try to out-eat your elders at a Ukrainian wake. It's bad for the beltline.
Today's Moral: Don't be the person who is always behind the camera. Step in front of it once in awhile. Your family wants to remember you as much as you want to remember them!

New York City tomorrow.

You do have easily-accessible WiFi there, right?

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