Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm on the road again, travelling the length of the East Coast from Connecticut down to New York city and back. As a firm believer in (and frequent advocate of) the Great American Roadtrip, it has been a matter of great concern to me that too much of my travel in recent years has been for funerals and to visit ailing family members.

I have a great yen to travel for happy reasons to visit the hale and the hearty, to take a roadtrip without tears... I guess it's that time in our lives or something. Anyway, my earnest condolences to Kristin and her family. The true measure of a man is the hole he leaves when he is no longer present.

We are making the most of the trip and trying to infuse it with memories to temper the somber reason for our visit. Hence the roadtrip up the coast with my inlaws. I know that the gothic representation of inlaws would make that a trip to be dreaded, but my family-in-law is awesome.

In other news... based upon some of the things I've written here I was approached to provide some footage for a promotional DVD for an upcoming movie by a widely-known director, based upon a bestselling novel! I'm uncertain how much I can say yet, but needless to say I am very stoked.

This will entail speaking into a camera in response to insightful questions... which is something I have some experience with, funnily enough). And because life would be no fun if it ran ever smooth, this footage is due to be sent in by Wednesday. That's the day I fly back to Seattle. I will be press ganging my family-in-law as an ersatz camera crew and film it here in Connecticut. Then I shall embark upon a quest to find a WiFi hotspot to upload it and send it off to the studio in time to meet the deadline.

Ah... travel. If everything ran smooth, it would get boring.

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  1. Sounds very interesting! I can't wait to hear more about this mysterious filming project.


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