Sunday, May 17, 2009

A short garden tangent

It's important (to me, at least) to have someplace to enjoy the gardens and still get some writing done. This weekend I built this little courtyard in the front garden to have someplace to sit and sip coffee and enjoy a morning's writing. The brick is recycled from an old barbecue I tore down for a lady in return for the bricks. The pavers are just concrete pavers from the local home improvement store laid in a harlequin pattern. The whole thing is designed to be water-permeable to avoid runoff. (The angle looks odd because I'm standing up on a deck shooting down.) Naturally, the bare dirt will be flowers and herbs eventually. At the risk of going floral on you, the foliage to the left is a huge stand of beach roses (rosa rugusa) that are the centerpoint of the gardens. A hardy, lovely flower that requires minimal watering to survive and as an added bonus, the deer hate 'em! Can't wait to sit under that umbrella and begin work on the revisions to Mummer's Dance!

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