Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Thoughts On a Monday!

Website overhaul! I'm working on getting my internet presence worked around to a more professional site. Someone owns and wants to sell it to me so I'm contemplating some other permutation of my name or perhaps this blog that will be simple enough to remember, yet wholly mine. Leave your suggestion in comments! (And be nice! My mom reads this blog.) "This Bespells Doom..." The New York Times today had an article about authors trying to figure out how best to adorn an e-Book with thier signature. David Sedaris signed one "To Marty -- This bespells doom" and other authors are reporting being asked to sign the things too. Amazon needs to come up with a digi-pen signature or something before Kindles start to look like the side of an elevated train. Then again, that might be an improvement, they are rather sterile-looking to my eye. Living in the present tense... The Onion announced today that funding cuts have forced underfunded schools to cut the past tense from their language programs. During budget negotiation, administration officials apparently decided that "...the past tense was deemed by school administrators to be too expensive to keep in primary and secondary education." Indeed. In the future, we won't need the past, that's what makes the future perfect. In all seriousness... If you haven't seen Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk, you are missing out. Sooooo much of what she has to say is immediately germane to my life. Inspiring. Ole!!

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