Thursday, September 10, 2009

365 Mugs

I am blessed with friends and family who now reside in all corners of the globe. It occurs to me that the only cup of coffee I can share with them on a daily basis is a virtual one. So I'm planning to do just that. Every morning for the next calendar year, I will be posting a picture of my "mug" over on (username: pages2type). I invite anyone who wishes to share a tasty beverage to join me in the exercise. You can even drink tea if you want. Or milk, or orange juice or some healthy wheatgrass smoothie thingy. We won't laugh at you. . . much. I'll try to be fresh and creative as ever, but I'll admit up front that these probably won't be the finest examples of photography ever seen. That's not really the point. Much like the internet, writing is a tool for bridging divides. Every novel serves this purpose from the pulpiest of pulp fiction to the highest of high-brow, because novels are ultimately about stepping outside ourselves to see what the world looks like through a different set of eyes. The Internet has a unique capacity to bring that experience out of the fictional realm. Family and friends are welcome, but so are strangers! In a world that grows more divided by the day, the least we can do is sit down for a moment to see one another as real people. The 'comment' function even allows us to carry on conversations. Good coffee and civilized conversation? Can the world survive such a thing? If you want to come have a cup with me, follow the link above. All are welcome at my table. The service is free to sign up and all it takes is a digital camera or webcam and a steaming cup of something. So sit with me for a moment each day and share a cup with me and my farflung friends.

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