Monday, September 7, 2009

Kindle Return Policy (redux)

Amazon has come full-circle on the Orwell controversy. According to NPR they're offering the restoration of the titles (presumably legal editions) plus some walking around money in hopes of putting the debacle behind them.
"In an e-mail sent Thursday to Kindle owners whose books were erased, Amazon offered to redeliver the titles to their e-readers for free, along with any annotations users had made. Or the customers can get a $30 gift certificate or a $30 check — which could be worth much more than two Kindle books, because many of them cost $10 or less." -from NPR (listen and read the complete story)
As I recall from my earlier reporting (cough-ranting-cough) on the subject, the eye-catching titles were 1984 and Animal Farm, but titles by JK Rowling and Ayn Rand were also deleted and there's no word on how that's panning out. I suppose there's a cache in having the headline-grabbing titles missing from your library. What do you think? Does this make you feel any different about the whole affair?

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  1. It is about time. I imagine part of the reason it took so long was because they where looking for a backup copy that had everyone's books. The other was trying to figure out a legal way to obey the copy write laws.

    It shouldn't have happened in the first place, they should have check the publishers rights to publish the books, but at least they are finally making amends and hopefully wiser for it.


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