Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome New Readers!

We have newcomers! Welcome and well-met. These are the current Standard Operating Procedures for Pages to Type. Please review the SOP's before reading further...
  • This is a "novel blog" which is not really novel, but it is about a novel (sometimes) and the novelist who is writing it (mostly).
  • If you should get any novelty in your eye, flush with water and seek medical help immediately.
  • Safety goggles or Cokebottle nerd glasses should be worn at all times. The thicker the frames & lenses, the more at home you might feel. (You don't have to be a booknerd to enjoy this blog, but it wouldn't hurt...)
  • Nothing found herein should be construed as the entire view of the author or anyone else living, dead or existing in an indeterminate state caused by fluctuations in space and/or time.
If we haven't met IRL, I'm Scott. I live on an island in Puget Sound with my wife (aka "The Engineer") and our two spoiled cats. This blog updates when something occurs to me that won't fit into what I'm supposed to be focusing on, which means almost every day. Because of my background as both a writer and a bookseller, these tend to focus on the changes our literary culture is enduring as it transitions from ink to electrons. This blog exists because I need someplace to warehouse the overflow of ideas that occur to me as I write other things. If I put it here, I know where it is and can keep an eye on it. Please feel free to feed the ideas. One can never feed an idea too much, they're happier when they're plump. Comment, subscribe, repost (please backlink) and feel free to expand, dispute or otherwise use anything here as a springboard to your own ideas. This is a community. WARNING: Improper application of "Pages to Type" may cause excessive coffee drinking, insomnia, Post-it notes on the bathroom mirror and the urge to write deep into the early morning hours Welcome!

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