Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brain Food

My Friend Elspeth (you may remember her as the inspiration for this post) wondered aloud recently about why writing her dissertation makes her tired all out of proportion with the physical exertion of the seemingly simple task of sitting down and putting words on a screen. I looked into this a long time ago and discovered that the brain is apparently the body's prime consumer of glucose. According to Popular Science, over 75% of the glucose that gets used gets used by the brain to create neurotransmitters. These levels fluctuate, but the harder you think, the more glucose you need to fuel the thinking. Write that book! Feel the burn! My fellow NaNoWriMo participants should take note and lay in a stock of healthy snacks or we're all going to go up a size during the month of November.


  1. Words of wisdom, my dear. If we're very good, we might even lose some weight. Not that you can afford to lose very much, but *some* of us... Plus, it's a challenge to eat and type at the same time. ;-)

  2. Feck. Add to this a tip from my cardiologist: when you feel hungry frequently, there's a good chance you're actually dehydrated instead, especially if you drink much caffeine. Reach for the water as often as you reach for the snacks. If not more so.

    I should really practice what he preaches. ;)

  3. "Wasting away again in NaNoWriMo-ville..." That's a good point, Elspeth. But who around here drinks too much caffeine?


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