Monday, January 11, 2010

1 (one) Generic Blog Post

I have a new work schedule, meaning I'll be writing at the coffee shop less and at home more and today's the first day of the new regimen. I'm looking forward to writing from home an extra day (access to source material is always a good thing) but this is going to take some getting used to. Anyone know where I can find an audio loop of random dish clatter and crowd noise? Incidentally, as a diehard "DIY Guy" I had to check my bookshelves this week when it came out that the Consumer Products Safety Commission had advised a recall of electrical wiring books published by Oxmoor House (publishers of do it yourself books for Sunset and Lowes). The titles date back to 1975 and according to CPSC records, no one has ever actually been harmed by the errors. Which I guess means that spouses who have been ducking home-improvement chores since the mid-seventies have been vindicated. Procrastination carries the day once again.

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