Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making a Spectacle - An Open Letter to Hollywood

Dear Movie Producers (et al);

Some of your viewers have glasses. I'm not sure you're aware of this fact since you have yet to come up with a workable set of 3D glasses that accommodate this simple and common affliction.

Perhaps in Hollywood no one would be so déclassé as to wear glasses if they needed them or admit that they can't see the screen without them, so it hasn't occurred to you. I feel compelled to bring this to your attention on behalf of nerds everywhere who are suffering in silence, the quiet indignation of piling one pair of special eyewear atop another pair.

I feel it's important to point out that in many ways we are your target demographic. We are the ones who will watch your movies and then go discuss them endlessly on the internet, giving you the word of mouth validation you so desperately crave. We will not continue to do so if the only option you give us for movie enjoyment is piling a pair of goony glasses on top of our already goony glasses. It is not a good look even for us. And it's not terribly comfortable or prone to increasing our moviewatching experience.

Your failure to serve our needs is... shortsighted. (Ahem)

We have enough headaches in our lives already, believe me. And giving us one more is not going to increase the chance that we'll like your latest plot-deficient blockbuster. Please come up with an option for those of us saddled with spectacles so that we can better appreciate your spectacles. A clip on option for your 3D nerd glasses would be adequate.

I admit that clip-on sunglasses are about as sexy as a pocket protector... perhaps less so. But since you decided to go with the nerd glasses aesthetic for your new generation of 3D watching equipment anyway, we won't look any goofier than the people sitting next to us. And that's all we ask... to not look any goofier than the people next to us and yet enjoy the movie just as much. Perhaps more.

Sincerely, Scott Walker Perkins (Nerd)
cc. World HQ - Nerd World Order

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  1. I honestly wondered about people with glasses and the 3D eyewear conflict. While Hollywood is at it, could they bother to make a children's size pair if they are going to start making so many kids' titles in 3D? My little one spends most of his time pushing the glasses back onto his face.


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