Saturday, January 30, 2010

Website updates...

"They" say that I need a place on the internet where I can send the prospective editors and agents to learn more about me, about my background and especially about what I've written. The whole idea seems sort of silly, to be honest. I'm not uncomfortable speaking in public or pitching my work or even putting my thoughts and beliefs out there. (I got my start on the Internet as a political blogger for heaven's sake.) But for some reason the idea of dedicating a website to myself seems a step across the line into self-aggrandizement. I've spent a lot of energy trying to keep this blog from doing that, and I'm not about to undercut that on a different site. Too many of the author websites I looked at to get ideas were just that. I wasn't about to create, so I opened a Google site and created as lighthearted a tour of my writing and background as I could. They say it's necessary to get to the next step. So... here I am and here it is, if you're at all curious -- just click the link below to visit the site and tell me what you think.

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