Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A girl so nice I married her twice...

I was married twice on the same day using two different wedding rings in front of 2 different officiants... Thankfully, it was the same bride each time. 

For various reasons, the man we wanted to have perform the ceremony couldn't do the legal bits.  So the morning of the wedding, we had to track down a Justice of the Peace that would work on a weekend; apparently they don't like to work weekends.   Bright and early on our wedding day we were up and in a car with our two witnesses in tow (plus a few others members of the wedding party who were awake and willing), we raced into downtown Omaha, NE.  There we found a pleasant old judge willing to say the necessary words and sign our documents.

It wasn't intended to be a ceremony, but the old guy had been dragged out of bed early on a Saturday and wouldn't hear of rushing things, so he gave us a bit of a homily, recited the Apache wedding prayer and gave us a little speech about fidelity.   And he insisted that we exchange rings... except we didn't have rings.  The jewelry store had messed up the order and her ring had never been ordered.  (Scott has heart attack)  After a bit of shouting, rushing was ordered, apologies exhanged and we were supposed to pick them up on the way back out to the state park where the "real" ceremony was to take place.  But we didn't have rings for the judge because we didn't think we would need them.

So I borrowed one.  Yes, I got married using my best man's wedding ring and my bride became my wife with her engagement ring.  "With this other guy's ring I thee wed... please remember to return it after the ceremony."

Anyway, instead of retreating under covering fire from rice and/or birdseed like a normal bride and groom, we had a second ceremony to get to.  Quick kiss, run out the door, race to the jewelry store, race out to the ceremony site to set up and change and get married again for the family and the friends.

That was ten years ago tomorrow.  And it was just the beginning of a profound adventure for two people who do not think twice about blazing our own path or doing things in a way that confounds others.  That's the way we like it.

With all my love and devotion...


  1. Ha!, congratulations guys! Sounds like a nerve wracking experience, but makes for an interesting story.

  2. That's how EVERYONE in Europe does it - once for the mayor, once for the church. Something about separation of church & state ;)
    Congrats & thanks for the story -


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