Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thoughts from the Rose City

For our anniversary, The Engineer and I took off and disappeared into the wilds of Portland, Oregon this past weekend for a very bookish anniversary vacation.  While there, I had several thoughts I wanted to share...
  • I have the coolest, most beautiful wife ever in the history of humankind.  Among the many reasons this is true is that she allowed... nay encouraged me to spend an inordinate amount of our anniversary trip in bookstores.
  • I love Powell's City of Books and could live there quite happily.
  • Portland is the most walkable city I've ever visited.  Bar none.  Next time I'm leaving the car here.
  • I've now had coffee prepared by a robot and I rescind my previous yearning for a robot to make my morning Joe.  (That technology isn't perfected yet.  Trust me.)
  • I'm curious about citizenship in Powell's City of Books and would happily emigrate given the opportunity.
  • Portland has more hat shops per capita than any city anywhere.  I don;t have any data to prove that, but I've fairly certain it's an accurate statement.
  • Everyone should wear more hats!
  • People should stop worrying about "looking like a tourist" and look up more often.
  • There aren't enough "flatiron" style triangular buildings in the world and we need to build more of them.  Portland has a pleasing number of them.
  • Did I mention Powell's Books?  I did?  It's wonderful.
  • My wife is the best and I am looking forward to the next ten years and the ten after that and the ten after that... ad infinitum.

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  1. I agree with you about Powell's and Portland in general. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!!


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