Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The conversation yesterday about social media reminded me of this old post about my favorite lexicographer, Erin McKean. (Yes, I have a favorite lexicographer, don't you?)

One thing she emphasizes is important for us all to remember and especially when considering the social media/marketing debate.

"This is a little known fact about the internet: the internet is actually made up of words and enthusiasm."

-Erin McKean
TED Talk (speech)

Also, this happens to be one of the most beautiful speeches on the English language I can readily think of. (Which is why I am posting it here for the second time)  If you're not familiar with Erin McKean, you should familiarize yourself with her. You really owe it to yourself.  I'm admittedly too fussy about language most of the time, but her enthusiasm and her arguments are really difficult to reject.

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