Saturday, July 3, 2010

The perils of prophecy...

I've talked before about finding a way to write and a place to do it no matter what.  I've written on trains and airplanes, in many a waiting room, cafe, bookstore, library, pub, restaurant and classroom.  Anywhere with a writing implement and a moment of quiet solitude has been given the rhythm of my keyboard or pen... but I think that this week has been my first experience writing in a hospital bed.  With a morphine drip and one eye swollen shut.  

Yes, the universe has a funny funny sense of humor...

Well, I'm working on revisions to my latest manuscript, actually, and I think any writer will agree that... well... if there's a special ring of hell reserved for us, it will be comprised of stacks of lovingly-crafted manuscripts that are 20,000 lovingly-crafted words too long for their proposed market.

So, quite frankly, the morphine isn't helping one bit.

Don't worry about me, I'm getting amazing care from a very House-like doctor who looked me straight my swollen eye sockets and said "I find your case... interesting."  He said 'interesting' with an inflection I'm not sure I've ever heard in real life and as he then rattled off the list of tests and drugs he was going to try, I suddenly I knew that the man would get me better and that everything I thought was fake about television medicine was actually true.

Eye-opening.  At least I hope so.

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