Monday, October 11, 2010

Writing in public & other matters...

I know that I've been scarce the past couple of weeks.  In November, you might get a little tired of me, so think fondly of this little respite.

Here's what's happening behind the scenes...

  • I've been rolling-out a new computer program and database at the Writing & Tutoring Center where I work managing data.  It's been sapping my energies and making my hands hurt because the software's designers didn't seem to care that someone would eventually have to use this program.  I put in a requisition for an ergonomic mouse.
  • I'm finally setting up a 'real' website.  (Remember those? They're like blogs, but more static) More details on that soon.  I promise some free content and much coolness as a reward for showing up.
  • Speaking of websites... I've been setting up a Google space to post chapters of my NaNoWriMo novel as I write it.  Each chapter will be posted as I finish it.  It's a work in progress.
  • One of the reasons I'm reviving my Midgrade/YA idea for this is to make it as fun to read and write as I can make it with a minimum of research necessary.  One of the mistakes I made last year was focusing on a story that would require significant research, which is never fun if you have to do it on the fly.

    Boy genius, mad scientist, aliens and giant robots?  I think I can handle making that up out of whole cloth without needing run to the library too often.
  • And what's an effort like this without a logo?  I made a quick logo that should look a bit familiar since it's generated using the same set of photos I used for the masthead on this blog.

More news later.  Things are still in flux aro7und here.  I appreciate your patience, mind the dust and please accept my apologies in advance if the construction workers whistle at you...


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  1. Boy Genius? Giant robots? I'm looking forward to it already!


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