Sunday, December 12, 2010

For Your Consideration: Part One, Howard Carter Saves the World


For a limited time only, I've posted part one of my latest WIP: Howard Carter Saves the World, a humorous Sci-Fi romp with all of the robots, aliens, mad scientists and secret government agencies you could possibly hope for.

Author's Note & Disclaimers
(Just to make things official and all that...)
Prologue: Tractors Aren't Supposed to Do That
Chapter One: A Robot Too Far
Chapter Two: The Mummy's Curse
Chapter Three: Late for School
Chapter Four: Android On the Run
Chapter Five: Perfectly Normal Lives
Chapter Six: Accept No Subsitutes
Chapter Seven: The Goonies Paradox
Chapter Eight: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter Nine: That Kind of Place
Chapter Ten: A Very True and Accurate History of Astronomy (that you didn't hear from me)
Chapter Eleven: Dropships and Detentions
Chapter Twelve: A Jig Goes Up
Chapter Thirteen: What Would Howard Do?
Chapter Fourteen: Magenta Alert
Chapter Fifteen:  Signal to Noise
Chapter Sixteen: Sparks Fly Up
Chapter Seventeen: This Must Be the Place
Chapter Eighteen: Time and/or Space
Chapter Nineteen: Why Mothers Insist Upon Helmets
Chapter Twenty: Another Colossal Mistake
hapter Twenty-One: Inlaws and Outlaws

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