Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Howard Carter, Part II -- The Impossible Boy

When last we left Howard Carter, his friends and his family were captured by the Wartime Advanced Research Directorate and locked away in their secret base under the dormant volcano.  Part II - The Impossible Boy picks up with Howard finding his bearings in the peculiar society of suits, scientists, and technicians that are forcing him to help them build an army of giant robots.

But are the mechanical wonders being created in WARD's secret factories coming to protect the earth, or to conquer it?

Howard is all alone and far from home as he tries to help out in the war efforts as more and more visitors from the past and the future drop by to interfere.  Because really, the biggest pain of living at one of the key moments in human history isn't the pressure of making the right decisions... it's the tourists.

Interlude: The Making of an Old Suit
Chapter 22: Play Dumb
Chapter 23. Volunteers Wanted
Chapter 24. The Dream Factory
Chapter 25. Only a Matter of Time
Chapter 26. A Robot Too Far - Redux
Chapter 27. Impossible Things
Chapter 28. King for a Day
Chapter 29. Live Long & Laugh Maniacally
Chapter 30. Too Many Howards
Chapter 31. Doubled, Toiled & Troubled
Chapter 32. Casus belli
Chapter 33. Keep Calm and Release the Giant Robots


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