Monday, February 21, 2011

Pardon our dust...

Once again, I find myself up to my ears in remodeling projects and since I insist upon doing everything myself... well, I suppose that it means budgeting my limited time in other directions some weeks.

The engineer and I were told recently by a top-notch immunologist and allergist that Lego head could possibly be happening (at least in part) as a result of our sleeping conditions. No textiles, we were told, should be in the bedroom unless they can be tossed in a washing machine.  So the carpets had to go.

He actually wrote me a prescription for hardwood or tile floors.

So the Engineers and I decided that instead of flowers and chocolates, we would remodel the bedroom to help keep the Lego head at bay. Which is where I've been.

Alas, for the poor words that flutter about my head like a halo, looking for a place to alight. They must wait until I have someplace to sleep before I will sit still and build them a proper nest of paper...

And in other unrelated news, here's an enchanting bit of video of Neal Gaiman talking about buttons...

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