Saturday, April 4, 2015

Funmail! (And NEWS!)

Big news!  Howard Carter Saves the World is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Click Here to Pre-Order Now! (US)
Click Here to Pre-Order Now! (UK)

You might recall this post about the nearly infinite subdivision of genre as it exists in the virtual bookstores of the Amazon sites. 

In other lovely news, I came home yesterday to find a package on my doorstep postmarked by the Royal Mail.

I wracked my brain and called my wife: Did we order something online recently that might've shipped from Nottinghamshire? The answer was no.

I rattled the box. It ratted with a sound that reminded me of Lego.  My publisher is based in the UK, of course, but why would they be mailing me a small box of Lego?  

Not that this wouldn't completely awesome, of course.

Inside the plain brown wrapping was more wrapping. this time bright and fun, and covered in cartoon robots. (As is right and proper.)  On the outside was a rolled up bit of paper at the center of which was this pen.

Mightier than the sword indeed.

Easily twice as intrigued by the origins of my package now, I finally opened the card and discovered the culprits. If you follow me on Twitter, you've encountered them before...

I think I'd best keep my daughter away from @LaughManiacally . "I'm going to build robots! BIG robots!" @Pages2Type  -Jennifer Thomas (@_jen_thomas_) 
March 26, 2015
My dear old friends Jennifer and her little daughter Eleanor had sent me greetings and congratulations...

Congratulations and an alien... like you do.

Which was fine because they were also thoughtful enough to send along a robot to keep that alien in line. Presumably by drawing circles around it, I'm not sure yet.

Too fun! My first fanmail. Though this certainly isn't a bid for others to do likewise, I've known Eleanor's mother for years. That smile is genuine.

So anyway, that's the news from here in the World of Tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, we are officially ten days to launch!  There's going to be an online release party that will unfold on Facebook. Click the image below to get there!


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