Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to me, here's a present for you!

Hello, Internet!

Well, it's my birthday, which usually means I get you a gift. Usually, it's a free short story. This year's gift, though, is that I've asked my publisher to put my book, Howard Carter Saves the World on sale! For this week, Howard can be had for the low, low price of $0.99 (99p if you're in the UK)!

Tell your friends. If you've been meaning to read it and just haven't gotten around to it, now would be an excellent time.

A present you have to pay for doesn't seem like much of a present, though, does it?

I may or may not wear a fedora
while signing. Salsa not included.
You're right! There's more! But it's my birthday, so I need something from you in return.

Buy Howard Carter Saves the World and post a photo of yourself holding it up with the cover visible on social media and tag me (details below).  The first 100 who do so, I will contact for their deets and mail an autographed card featuring one of my original illustrations.

Already bought the book? You can participate too!

Sorry, offer is currently open to readers in the US and UK only. Offer expires July 31st.

For all those who asked me how e-authors can sign their books, this is how.

Places you can upload your photo and tag me where I will see it: 

Facebook: ScottPerkinsWrites
Twitter: @pages2type
Instagram: @swalkerperkins
Tumblr: pages2type
Google+: ScottTypesUntilDawn

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